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Here a nice testimonial of Steve Campos who introduced Tchoukball in his school.

I wanted to let you know how things are going with Tchoukball at VRMS. So far the kids are loving the game. It is something new to our site and they love that the game involves everyone on the team. As teachers, it works great for us because we have classes of up to 60 students. We purchased 5 sets because then we could create 10 teams with 6 players per team and that works out great. It would also greatly help out Elementary PE teachers, who at times, also have large class sizes.

Another great use of the nets has been to have individuals with special physical or emotional needs play catch alone on the net or with a few other students. This a great tool for Adaptive PE teachers because they can teach students how to properly throw into the net and then they have to be ready quickly so they can catch the ball that springs right back them. This is great for their reactive reflexes/skills as well as their hand eye coordination skills that they are required to use to catch the ball after they have thrown it at the net. Some students have had contests to see how many they can catch without dropping one.

It has been great to find the multiple uses that the Tchoukball nets have to offer besides just the standard playing of the game. I would recommend that every Adaptive PE teacher purchase at least one set of nets as part of their PE equipment inventory.

Extremely pleased so far!



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